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Joe King

Joe King



Portland native with a passion for learning about and sharing our city and Oregon with others.
What Clients Are Saying

Thanks to Joe Lyons! Joe took the lead on listing my Portland condo, setting up the staging and running the open house. Within a couple weeks, Joe not only had a solid purchase offer, but a solid backup offer too. Highly recommend working with Joe! - Ed I.

Last year, my wife and were put into a difficult situation of either getting rid of our pets (since we can't have children this was unthinkable) or living on the street because no one would rent to us. Our former landlords sold to new landlords who would not let us keep our pets. We called Ernest, and his team of Joseph Lyons, and Jennifer Kelly went out of their way to help us. They are the kindest, knowledgeable, fun, caring, wonderful people I have ever met, not only are Ernest, Joe, and Jennifer my realtors for life, I also have the privilege to call them friends. - Joseph Puckett

Joseph listening skill couple with his ability to simplify life's complex issues makes him a superb coach. Any one looking for a well trained and charismatic guide should consider hiring Joseph as their personal coach. - Samuel Moran

I had the fortunate opportunity to work on Fearless Living with Joseph. I found Joseph to be professional and observant. As a coach I am often really good at
covering my own issues - Joseph was quick at pulling back the cover and exposing my real issues - which was exhilarating. He never judged me and was very
supportive. I highly recommend the Coach of Fear - Joseph Lyons. Judith Auslander

Thank you Cooper Realty for doing such an amazing job selling our home and helping us buy! We loved your marketing that helped sell our house for full price in only 10 days! Ernest and Joe are so great and easy to work with I hope to refer you some if my friends, you guys are the best! - Morgan & Justin

Joseph is an extraordinary coordinator. His expertise is top-notch and attention to detail is without peer. With a positive can-do attitude, he is a joy to work with. - Len Hendricks

Joe is an amazing energizing force! Before I met Joe, I wouldn't have dreamed of starting my own freelance business. He has allowed me to see opportunities where before I only saw problems. Not only did Joe get me energized, he was there to hold me accountable to my commitments, and provided honest feedback when I needed it the most. I recommend Joseph to anyone who is looking to grow—professionally, personally, or both. - Len Hendricks